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What we do

Our company is known for:

Internet Service Provider
Domain Name Registrant
Reseller: WHITEHAT
Reseller: abuse at whitehats dot net
Reseller: ip at whitehats dot net
Reseller: People first, security always.
Reseller: domain at whitehats dot net
Technical proficiency
The WhiteHat team has a solid background in computer networking, security, hardware, and software. Most of us have been online for over 10 years. We can assist you with almost anything - keeping your servers secure, or keeping your high-traffic websites up and running smoothly. To make this possible, we run our own fully multi-homed backbone network, with the capacity needed both to provide excellent connectivity to customers with bandwidth utilization ranging from a few Mbps to several hundred.
Real ethical hackers
A successful hack is conducted by real hackers, not by automated tools, let us hack you before they do!
Penetration test:
We will perform penetration testing in order to reveal how far an attacker can go if he puts his mind to it. The best way to do this is our way - by simulating a real-world attack.
Vulnerability assesment:
We will perform managed vulnerability assessments and discover all existing vulnerabilities. Once we validate them manually, we make sure to eliminate all false positives.
Security audit:
We will perform IT Security Audits and inform you of the loopholes in your system and then give you personalized instructions on how to fix all vulnerabilities and weaknesses.
Cyber intelligence:
We will provide a cyber intelligence platform you can use to monitor underground activity regarding your systems and you will receive instant alerts with newly added intelligence.
Cyber security training:
We will assist your company's board of managers in the process of expanding their knowledge, by organizing short and to-the-point cyber security trainings and courses.

Are you ready to work with us ? WhiteHat puts a great value in its members. If you think you have what it takes, you are motivated and eager to learn and you think your talent can help us deliver quality security services, then feel free to contact us , we will guarantee a unique experience in an exciting working environment.

Whitehat School Park (we are working on it * soon)
It's design resembles that of a university, with the buildings arranged around green spaces, similar to a suburban business park.

Dedicated servers

All our servers are based on high-quality, server-grade hardware.
They are actual brand-name servers meant for the stress and continous operation of server duty, and not based on standard PC parts which often fail to stand the pressure.
Installation of any OS of your choice is included, although for non-free operating systems we need you to provide media and any required license keys.
We can also provide fully customized configurations if none of the standard server packages fit your needs.
Combine the price of a server package with a Anti-DDoS package to get the final price for your server, or contact us to get a quote

All packages include:
- 1 x IPv4 addresses assigned per server (more can be aquired as addon)
- 1 x IPv6 addressblock assigned per server
- Restarts, setup and installation assistance, hardware changes and troubleshooting (office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm)
- UPS and diesel power backup
- Godzilla protection not included
Package 1
4096 MB Memory
3000 GB Bandwidth
25 per month
Package 2
8192 MB Memory
100 GB SSD
4000 GB Bandwidth
45 per month
Package 3
16384 MB Memory
200 GB SSD
5000 GB Bandwidth
85 per month
Package 4
32768 MB Memory
300 GB SSD
6000 GB Bandwidth
165 per month
Other addons:
Location: London (United Kingdom) and/or Braila (Romania)
Anti-DDoS protection is an additional 15 per month
Backups is an additional 2 per month (Individual files cannot be restored. (only the entire server))
IPv4 is an additional 3 per month
Prices include all taxes and fees


We can register domains for you, either as a normal customer or if you need anonymous registration.

TLD .com .net .org
Normal registration
Anonymous registration
1 year
TLD .xyz .bid .men .win
Normal registration
Anonymous registration
1 year

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Our Team

The Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is:
E. Alin
The Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is:
M. George

Want to Join the WhiteHat Team? We are hiring:
WhiteHat is looking for an experienced developer with a deep understanding of technologies to help build and maintain our in-house systems.

Experience / Qualifications:
Expertise in Python, including Flask
Thorough, organized, detail-oriented mindset with a positive attitude toward problem solving
Self-motivated and willing to follow procedures involved in telecommuting
Ability to work well as part of a small, dedicated team

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